What kind of houses can you sell to a cash house buyer? It is an essential question for anyone thinking about selling their home. Unfortunately, not all sellers will be able to work with cash buyers, and it’s important to know what those restrictions are.

This blog will discuss the differences between houses that can be sold to cash buyers and the benefits of working with this type of buyer. We hope that this information will help you make the best decision to ‘sell my house in Sarasota.’

1) Tax Delinquent Properties

If the property owner owes back taxes to the government, the home may be sold to a cash house buyer. In addition, the government may place a lien on the property, giving them the right to sell the property to recoup their losses.

These properties are hard to sell the traditional way because no one wants to deal with the hassle of back taxes. But, a cash house buyer will take on that responsibility for you.

2) Houses That Have Judgements Against Them

If you have a house that has any judgment against it, this is something that a cash house buyer will be interested in. But, again, it is because they will not want to take on any additional risks regarding the property. Judgments can include anything from code violations to outstanding taxes.

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Code violations are a common issue when it comes to selling a house. It may be something as simple as a hole in the fence or not having the proper permits for an addition to your home.

Cash buyers who advertise ‘we buy homes in Sarasota’ will buy such homes as these.

3) Houses Which Have Title Issues

Title issues are often found in older homes. The most common type of title issue is a lien. A lien is a claim someone has on your property because you owe them money.

Other types of title issues include things like:

These things can make selling your house to a cash buyer more difficult. However, it is not impossible. A good cash buyer will be able to work with you to find a solution that works for both of you.

4) Properties Under Liquidation

Liquidation is the process of selling assets to pay off debts. When a property is under liquidation, the owner wants to sell it as quickly as possible to pay off their debts. A cash house buyer can often purchase these properties for much less than their market value.

5) Flood or Fire Damaged Homes

If a home has been damaged in a fire or flood, you may still be able to sell it to a cash buyer. These buyers are often willing to take on properties that need extensive repairs.


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